My Guardian Angel + Demon Update 7

I have finally started redrawing my frames onto the computer. But the background was a bit difficult to copy and paste due to it constantly moving so much. Thankfully with the help of my great teacher he was able to figure it out. Up on the screenshot above are the frames and layers that compromiseContinue reading “My Guardian Angel + Demon Update 7”

My Guardian Angel + Demon Update and Schedule 3

The animation is going well so far, I am on time in the schedule that I have created. Though, on Sunday the 29th I had to restart due to having too much work on my plate and continue on in a later part of my story. Drawing frame by frame can be a little taxing,Continue reading “My Guardian Angel + Demon Update and Schedule 3”

My Guardian Angel + Demon (Own Story) 1

The synopsis of this story is, A demon and an angel are tasked to look after a troubled little girl named Emily Hope. ———- There are three main characters in this little animated short of mine. Eric The Demon, Elijah the Angel and Emily Hope the human. Eric likes to mess with people and causeContinue reading “My Guardian Angel + Demon (Own Story) 1”

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