Id Lesson 3: Setting up a Document and Working with Pages

In this lesson I learned how to create pages, import paragraphs and images, create headings, and using the Page and Rectangle Frame Tool. The first thing I did was to create guidelines from horizontal and vertical rulers that are on the top and left of the stage by clicking and dragging.

Next, I chose the Rectangle Frame Tool to create a specific space for the image to be placed. The frame stands out by having a dotted X across the shape. Then, I created text boxes by using the shape tool taking up 1 and 1/3 of a column on the left side and 2 whole columns on the right side.

Now, the Pages was a bit difficult to manage at first, but I got a grip of it as I went along. By creating a page, I clicked the three lines at the top right of the pages panel and there is an option to Insert Page. At the top of the pages panel there is a A-3-column Layout. When I clicked on the double-page icon it brought me to only view two pages. Whatever I place here is what will be placed to the rest of the pages that are below the column layouts. The A-3 column was used for guidelines, adding the headlines, and placing the frames. B-2-column Layout was used for exporting the images and the paragraphs to the pages.

How I made the headlines is that I used the text tool on the A-3 column and made two text boxes near each corner of the pages. Finally, I went to Type, which is in the top bar in the Id screen. Picked Insert Special character, then Markers, and finally Current Page Number. This makes sure to add the page numbers and space to the heading.

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