Lesson 10: Working With Sound and Video

In this lesson I learned to import and edit videos and sounds. All of the buttons were already set up so I did not need to create any. How I imported the videos into the stage was that I went to File, then I went to Import. Then, a menu appears and the option I chose was Import to Stage. After that, I was shown the videos that I had in my file library, for this example I chose the pop-up clip.

A pop up appears called Select Video, what I circled in red, Browse, is what I needed to click to continue. Then, I needed to select the same Popup clip to confirm that this is the video I want to pick.

I picked Next, and I had to pick a type of Skin. (which was basically showing the length of the video, pause, volume, ext.). It was already chosen for me, but now I had to change the transparency and color of the grey box in the middle of the screen. The color was #333333 (dark grey) and I set the transparency to 65%

The final pop-up panel appears, called Finish Video Import. All it is doing is giving me the information to where it will be found and the properties of it. After reading I press Finish, and the Popup clip appears on my stage.

How I transported and edited the sounds is that I went to File, picked Import, then Import To Library. For this I selected the Monkey sound file. Now the Monkey sound is in my Library, I double click its icon and this pop up appears.

It provides information about my sound file, after I read the information I closed it. Then I transported it into my Timeline Panel, how I did that was by creating a new layer in the timeline and naming it sounds. Now, I created a Keyframe in the first frame of my sound layer and I dragged the Monkey sound from my Library onto the stage and the sound was now on my timeline.

Finally I went to the Properties panel of the monkey clip and selected the pencil icon called Edit Sound Envelope.

And it led me to this panel called Edit Envelope.

There I dragged the end of the white square to the the bottom of each Channel (the two sound volumes). This caused the sound to slowly fade out at the end. Now that the sound is complete and edited I clicked the blue Ok and I was done with the sound. The rest of the sounds and videos are just a repeat from the steps that I explained.

This is the end of my explanation of the lesson. Thank you for reading.

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