Lesson 9: Creating Virtual Reality Environments

In this lesson I learned how to make a VR environment in Animate CC. The first thing I did was Import the images from my library on the stage. Then I had to crop them to fit since it was way to big for the screen.

Then, I went into the timeline and there was a new symbol next to the eye and lock. This is called Create Texture Wrapping for All Layers. This symbol makes sure that when going into VR mode, the image looks like it is a full room.

Unfortunately I could take a screenshot of the library when it is opened, but this highlighted door was very important when it came to transporting from one room to another. I did not have to make it into a symbol like I usually do, but instead I made it by coding.

But first, I had to name my image in the Properties panel. Then I had to make a new layer in the timeline panel called actions (ignore that it says door2). Then I go to the Actions button.

(I could not take the screenshot of the panel). Then, the panel pops up and there is a button called Add using wizard. This is where all the coding happens. There are two list, both a dropdown menu, for the first list I chose the Go to Scene option. After that, in the coding I have to choose what scene, for this one I picked gallery1. Now, for the second menu it asks for the triggering motion, which means what to do to activate it, in this case I chose On Click. Then it shows what image to chose from, the only option was door1 for this scene. Then after I clicked that option, I pushed the Finish and Add button. Now the new code appears in the coding. Making the rest of the doors are just repeat from the first time. Now, in the Timeline panel there is now a lowercase a in the actions layer.

There are more than just one gallery though, that is why the Edit scene button exists (which I circled in red). From here on I added two more layers called gallery2 and gallery3. From here on it is a repeat from the steps from gallery1, just the doors need to be in different positions so it can all connect.

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