Lesson 7: Animating Shapes and Using Masks

How I made this project is that I mostly used Keyframes and making Masks. Creating the mask was quite simple,

Where the text layer is, I clicked on the icon on the left twice, and it shows a panel in the middle of the screen called Layer Properties

What I circled in blue is what I clicked to make the mask in the text layer. Now, I made the mask because of the moving gradient that is underneath this layer. Which how I made it move was putting two Keyframes on each end of the layer and placing the Shape Tween. This layer was called firey_effect. Finally how I made the flame move, I created multiple Keyframes and each Keyframe I warped the flame just a little by using the Direct Selection Tool. Then, I just added the Shape Tween in each Keyframe and that is how I learned and did this lesson.

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