Lesson 6: Controlling the Camera

In this lesson I managed to control the camera and learned how to make and use captions for the video.

In the Tools panel, what I circled in blue is the camera tool that I used to make this project possible. In the image below is how it looks like when I clicked on it.

This is where I dragged the white dot across either side to either zoom in or to zoom out. The grey symbol next to the white one is how I rotate the camera so I can follow the satalite moving across the screen.

How I made the star depth is that I went to the Timeline panel and clicked on the tool that looked like an arrow going up a graph.

Then, this panel pops up and where it says stars1, stars2, stars3, is where I had to change their numbers to be higher; which leads it to be farther away from the camera, which is the blue dotted triangle with a solid line at the bottom.

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