Illustrator Module 7

In this module I will show you the different types of things that you can do with the Text tool. The Text tool is the main tool used to make text happen in Adobe Illustrator. How I got to the text tool is that I went to the tool bar on the left of the main panel and chose the capitalized letter T.

After I selected the Type tool, I clicked and dragged the tool to create enough space to make a paragraph, but if I over fill the paragraph I have to make another one. But to make another separate paragraph still connected to the first one, I changed into the Selection tool and selected the paragraph by clicking on it. There is a little red box on one of the corners of the box made out of blue lines, I clicked on the little red square twice and there was the continuation of the first paragraph. However if I ever want to remove the line I just have to double click on the little red square again.

Now I’m going to show you how I used the Paragraph tools on this paragraph in the first image above. In the second image are the tools that help organize the paragraph. The first box in the second image is called the Align Left, it makes the paragraph align to the left. Same for the second box, but it makes the whole paragraph go in the middle. Last, the last box spaces out the whole paragraph inside the space it is given, including the lines that don’t completely complete the line. An example of it will be in the image below.

It is also possible to use the text tool on an open path with the Type on a Path Tool. An open path is a line that doesn’t make a complete shape of any kind. I found the Type on a Path Tool by holding down the Type Tool and going to the third on the list. After I have chosen it I clicked on the line that I have made with the Pen Tool and started typing.

One of the last things I am going to show you is the Vertical Type Tool. The Vertical Type Tool makes it possible to type vertically in Adobe Illustrator.

The last thing I am going to show you is how to create an outline. For this one you only need is the Direct Selection Tool and the Type Option at the top of the Screen.

Once I have chosen the Type Option there is a list. In that list the is the Create Outlines Button, I selected the text that I wanted with the Selection tool then I clicked on the Create Outlines. After that I chose the Direct Selection Tool and changed some of the letters to my liking.

This concludes this whole module, I hope I was up to the standerds on explaining the whole thing.

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