After Effects Module 7

This module I will introduce one of the video effects in Adobe Effects. In the image above will test some of the effects that I will show you.

Where it says Effects and Presets and the list below is the most important part because that’s where all of the video effects are. How I transported the effect that I wanted is that I searched up the effect that I need in the little search bar right next to the magnifying glass. Then I clicked and dragged the effect into the layer that I want, now, to make the effect visible I went to the Comp panel then I went to the blurriness. Now, I scrubbed the numbers right next to blurriness to choose how much of the effect that I want.

This is the final result of the blur effect that I have chosen. The reason why the text and the box isn’t blurred out too is because those layers weren’t in the blur effect. The rest of the video effects are like this when it comes to transporting it to the composition panel.

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