Illustrator Module 6

Right now I’m going to show you how I made the face and eyes of the owl in the picture above.

First, I made a dark brown circle in the center, and to make it a perfect circle I pressed the Shift key then drag. Then, I used the pen tool where the little red circle is placed, then to make the line straight I used the Shift key. Now, after I clicked on the red circle with the Pen tool I go up to my designated height that I want then click again. After, I go the left for about a few grid boxes (which are the little squares) then go up for about a few more grid boxes then I click again and there is a weirdly angled triangle. Then I go the top center of the circle and then click and drag for a few grid boxes then let go, and the owl’s ear should be done. Now I followed the same instructions for the next ear as well.

Now, for the eyes I made the light brown part first which is just two circles that are grouped together (which is just selecting two or more objects with the selection tool then going to the Object button in the very top row then selecting the group option.) Then, I created two smaller plain white circles in front of the light brown ones then repeated the process of making smaller circles in front of each other until I reached the final black circle. Finally, how I made the shine is that I created tiny little circles of different sizes then huddled them close to each other.

Now, I am making the body, The first step I did was to click on the Shape tool and selected the Ellipse option. Then, I click on the Direct Selection tool on the center bottom then drag down.

After that, I went to the Ellipse tool again and choose a lighter brown. Then I clicked and dragged to make the color of the stomach. For the beak I used the Pen tool and the selection tool to customize its shape.

Finally, On to how I made the wings and legs. I used the pen tool to make both wings, I clicked on the space where the head and the body meet then I clicked downward and dragged. Then, I went a little bit below the body then clicked again. Now I went to where I first started and did the final click and drag. Once the wing was complete I clicked on it with the Selection tool then I right clicked the wing and there shows a list of different options. I chose the Transform option, clicked on reflect, and finally clicked on the option copy. Finally for the legs, I went to the Blob Brush tool and made it the color black and drew the legs by dragging the brush to whatever direction I wanted.

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