After Effects Module 6

In this module I will show you my experience working with shapes in Adobe After Effects. Here I will show you the tools that helped me create the shapes in the picture above.

First, we need to go to Effects & Presets next to the Composition on the right hand side. In the second image that I posted, right next to the blue magnifying glass look up Grid, then click and drag the Grid that is under Generate and drag it to the Composition and then you have the black an white grid on the screen.

Now for the shapes, you need to activate the shapes tool in which I circled an oval at the third image in red. Then, click and drag the shape into whatever position you want and what size you want and let go. Next, choose what color of Fill and Stroke that you want and now you should have a complete shape using the Shape tool.

In this image I will demonstrate how to create three different types of shapes using the pen tool. How I made the shape that I circled in red is that I clicked on the pen tool next to the shape tool and then click and drag the line. There should be two blue lines going the opposite direction, continue to click and drag in different spaces until you get the shape that you want. The shape that I circled in yellow I used RotoBezier which is in the space after the Add next to Fill and Stroke, you do not need to click and drag, just only click then click on any other space where ever in the Composition and once you are done click back to the first spot that you clicked and you should have your shape. Finally for the shape that is circled in blue, it is the same thing for the yellow ones steps but without the curve.

Finally, I will show how I use these Shape Path Operations in Adobe After Effects. Now, I won’t show all of them because that would take too much time. But, I will at least show you two of these options.

This type of Shape Path Operations is called Pucker and Bloat. It is the same star in the first image in this Shape Path Operations section.

How I made it like this is that I went to the Add with the black triangle in the grey circle that I highlighted in light blue, unfortunately I cannot show the list that pops up when I clicked on the Add button in the image above. But in that list there is the pucker and bloat option. Then, where I circled in red, is the Amount. The Amount is how much of the effect that you want to have, you can scrub(clicking and dragging left or right) and it can get more extreme in either direction you choose.

Finally, I am going to show you how to do Trim Paths. Trim Paths allows you to trim away apart of the path, I turned off the fill so that the star will look more organized.

In the image above shows the tools on how I made the star. On where it says Start, I scrubbed the 100.0% down to 48% and left the End option alone. Now where it says Offset, it is like a rotation around the perimeter of the star. I scrubbed it on either way to test it out and ended up with the result below.

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