After Effects Module 5

I am starting to use the Text tool in Adobe After Effects. The Text tool can be used in many ways in 2D and 3D animation. 2D is a flat image with two-dimensional space, like in the image above. 3D is a three-dimensional space, take a sphere for example. In the image above I am trying out the Text tool and it’s properties to see how it works.

In this image above I am experimenting with the Fill and Stroke in Adobe After Effects. In the image below I will show you how to work the Fill and Stroke tools and where they are located.

In the space that is circled in red is where the tools that I used for the colored stroke in this image.

Here is a close up of the image before this. The red square is what I used to color the inside of the word, this is called Fill. The pink hollowed out square is what is used for the outline, this is called Stroke. Where it says Arial, that is where you choose the font that you want for the text in the Composition. In the box that says Regular, that is where you choose how you want the lettering to be. Some examples are Bold and Italics. Then where it says Fill Over Stroke, that is where either the Fill goes first or the Stroke goes first. What I mean by that is the Stroke can overlap the Fill, or the Fill can overlap the Stroke.

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