Illustrator Module 2

This image shows the difference between Vector and Bitmap. Vector is made with Vector points, they’re points connected mathmaticaly, the end result is crisp and clean edges. No matter what size they are, they remain high quality. Bitmap is constructed with tiny little squares of color called Pixels. Pixels usually tone themselves to photographs, but, there is a limitation of pixels within that image.

This image above shows the fills and strokes in Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is the worlds most popular and advanced drawing program. Back to the strokes and fills, The image above shows two squares that has colors on the Fill, which is the color on the inside of the shape, and Stroke, which is the color on the outline of the shape. How I colored these that I go to the tools panel,

And select the yellow box, choose any color for the fill and then go to the pink square which has a gap in it and choose a color for the Stroke.

Creating a new document is something we’ll do all the time before we start a new project. On the home page there is a create new button(like the image above), once we click on that it opens the image below

This shows what format we want, how many artboards we can get, and what size. The artboard section is how many documents we want in a single project. Next to the height, there are two boxes that have a person inside of them demonstrating what format we want. Then, we have the width and height of what we want to have. Finally we have the Top, Bottom, Left , and Right portion, This measures how grand you want the image to be, next to the four boxes there is a chain. If you unhook the chain, then you can seperetly choose each size. If you leave it hooked then if you change one, you change the others.

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